BLM Rangers Brought in From Out of State for Nevada Ranch ‘Emergency’

‘They’re almost like a hired gun’

Elizabeth Harrington

Washington Free Beacon

April 11, 2014

Armed Rangers were brought in from out of state by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to assist in security surrounding the Bundy Ranch, according to the family.

Image: BLM Agents (YouTube).

A heated confrontation on Wednesday resulted in Cliven Bundy’s son Ammon being tasered by BLM officials and a 57-year-old protester being shoved to the ground.

Stetsy Bundy Cox, Cliven’s daughter, told the Washington Free Beacon that some of the rangers had Oregon and California license plates.

“You know, some of these guys don’t even know why they’re here,” she said. “A few people have talked to them and they got called in here on an emergency feed and they didn’t know what it was for, it just said they had to be here.”

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3 thoughts on “BLM Rangers Brought in From Out of State for Nevada Ranch ‘Emergency’

  1. Arrest the BLM rangers at once there clearly and threat and danger to the public . I believe the threat of death from the BLM to human life is great and people need to stand ground armed if need to be. They have that right to protect there lives and from injury . Working in law enforcement does not give them any right to beat up on an old lady with when they are armed. The laws are clearly on the book and are there for our protection not law enforcement they. If any man or law enforcement hits me or points a gun at me the law clearly says we have the right for self defense and the right to defend our selves even from deadly threat. The BLM has a history or using guns to threaten people and children. Its all over the news and internet. Time to have the BLM arrested and jailed . The BLM also shot unarmed people just because mental or anger problems witch need to be looked at. Are the BLM stable in there minds or is mental and anger issues a real problem. After all they run around with full automatic rifles pointing them at unarmed people all the time with is against the law to point any gun at any one. Its the LAW.

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