Child soldier: Shocking video surfaces of purported 4-year-old Jihadist in Syria

Fox News
February 3, 2014

Al Qaeda fighters in Syria may have sunk to a new low with a video that appears to show a four-year-old boy squeezing off rounds from an AK-47 as jihadists exhort him on with cries of “Alahu Akhbar.”

The little tyke, whose father stands proudly behind him, is dwarfed by the heavy automatic weapon, and props the barrel up on a street barricade in the stomach-turning clip. The gun’s recoil knocks him back, and his father helps him hold it, offering encouragement in Arabic. International experts say the use of child soldiers is a disturbing trend previously seen in the bloody Syrian civil war, but the use of such a young boy is a new depth.

“Syria is unique to any other conflict we’ve worked in over the last 20 years,” Kate Adams, policy and advocacy manager at London-based charity War Child told “Children do seem to have been targeted by both sides, more than we might necessarily see in other conflicts. Children are being used almost as pawns of the war and not just as collateral damage.”

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2 thoughts on “Child soldier: Shocking video surfaces of purported 4-year-old Jihadist in Syria

  1. Reblogged this on Self Reliance and commented:
    The use of Child Soldiers is nothing new. They were used by both sides in the Iran / Iraq war and were said to have been some of the best fighters as they had little fear, treating war as a game.

    That said, I don’t think I’ve heard of any as young as four before. Looking at it from the kid’s point of view; if your parents are dead and someone comes along, makes you feel wanted and part of something, and feeds you as well, dumping rounds from an AK wouldn’t be such a bad prospect.

    I feel sorry for the poor sod with any level of soul that kills him though because that will inevitably happen.

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