Coca-Cola’s ‘America the Beautiful’ Super Bowl Commercial Ignites Controversy

During the 2014 Super Bowl, a commercial produced by Coca-Cola aired which caused quite a lot of controversy.

The ad featured the song “America The Beautiful,” something in itself that is not surprising. But what caused outrage from some viewers was that the song was sung in multiple languages and featured a gay family.

As soon as the ad, titled “It’s Beautiful,” played, Twitter lit up with both criticism and praise.

Coca-Cola posted a press release claiming that its commercial was “a salute to America,” and “the ad features real people enjoying each other and a Coke.”

In the press release, Katie Bayne, President, North America Brands, Coca-Cola North America, went on to say, “For 127 years, Coca-Cola has been proud to be a part of bringing friends and families together while memories are made. With ‘It’s Beautiful,’ we are simply showing that America is beautiful, and Coke is for everyone.”

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5 thoughts on “Coca-Cola’s ‘America the Beautiful’ Super Bowl Commercial Ignites Controversy

  1. Umm…they are trying to sell Coke to everybody, all kinds of people, including people who speak other languages in other countries. What kind of tiny mind would think a for-profit company suggesting, “Our American product is good for everybody, everywhere” – was controversial?

    • Some people feel that the song America The Beautiful should be sung in English only, and some did not like the gay couple in the ad.

      Personally we see nothing wrong with the ad. America is full of different people from all races and religions, it is not our place to judge a person if the are straight or gay, black or white, Asian of Middle Eastern. If you are happy with who you are that all that matters not what other people think.

  2. I don’t drink Coke but if I did I’d stop immediately. “America the Beautiful” is sung in English, period! This is not confusing and it’s not xenophobic. (Liberals should really look that word up before misusing it as they love to do.)

    What Coke fails to consider (apparently) is the same thing Republican leadership fails to consider when they start pushing “Immigration Reform”, when you make race specific overtures to gain people of that race to your side, you will lose others who do not appreciate such race focused messages or policies. They never seem to grasp just how many they will lose in these efforts. The numbers each of these efforts will lose will far exceed those that they gain.

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