No bond for elderly Sebring woman who left corn and birdseed outside her home


An elderly woman in Sebring is being held without bond after she was arrested for leaving birdseed and corn outside her home, apparently for bears.

It may not sound serious, but it is illegal to leave food out for bears in Florida, and officers say this isn’t the first time she’s done it.

Wildlife officials say 81-year-old Mary Mussleman was caught feeding black bears two weeks ago. She was warned not to set any food outside for a whole year.

When they checked out her house again, they found bowls and trays with the corn and birdseed outside.

That was a violation of her probation, authorities said.

Deputies also say Mussleman resisted arrest.

Wildlife officials say last year they had to euthanize a bear after it was fed on a regular basis by Musselman. They say this has been an on-going problem.

FOX 13 spoke with officials Friday. They told us that feeding bears can not only be very dangerous to the neighborhood, but to the bears. FWC’s Gary Morse said Sebring is growing, and more and more people are coming in contact with the wildlife there.