Train loaded with sulfuric acid derails

A CSX train has derailed in Molino. It happened on a train bridge near the McDavid Sawmill around 7 p.m. tonight. Two cars are submerged in a creek with other cars piled on top of them. Two others cars are dangling. The bridge and train tracks are severely damaged, but there are no reports of any injuries. People along Cotton Lake Road have been asked to evacuate to the Molino Community Center as a precaution. Escambia County crews have found no evidence of any chemical leaking from the derailed cars. No injuries have been reported in connection to this derailment. Those who evacuated shortly after the accident have been given the green light to return home. The cause of the derailment will be investigated by CSX and Escambia Fire Rescue crews have been told it could take many weeks for the damaged rails to be repaired. As for everyone at home, Highway 29 is very icy, and you’ll want to stay off the roads all together.


This story was brought to our attention by twitter user @my2cnz

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