Entire Louisiana Sinkhole Area Shook All Night, Big Methane Gas Gathering Worries Officials

Before It’s News – by Deborah Dupre

Throughout Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, the entire Louisiana sinkhole area that is monitored with helicorders recorded even higher than usual seismic activity than it has been recording. Widespread seismic activity has been occurring all along the edge of the Laurentia, the North American Craton.

Following the Puerto Rico earthquake and coinciding with the California strong quake at 1:35 this morning, the Louisiana Sinkhole in Assumption Parish recorded higher than usual seismic activity all Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, according to the official USGS helicorders monitored by seismologists.

The most active during the night occurred at LA14, shown in the graph below:

Parish officials are being blamed for not protecting the sinkhole workers or the public in the danger zone under a state of emergency since August 4, 2012.

“The parish officials know ‘subsurface activity near sinkhole/Oxy 3′ and they STILL allow Crosstex to store the butane near there and they call it a CODE1,” La. Sinkhole Bugle asserts on its website. This means that “if anything happens, they are fully responsible for workers’ well-being and nearby motorists etc.”

Citizen reporter Dutchsince says about the Puerto Rico quake and the area up through Louisiana and Arkansas, in his YouTube video below, “We haven’t seen anything like this in years in this area.”

Other quakes had also just occurred in the New Madrid Faultline, including a 2.7 on the border of Arkansas and Tennesee, he shows.

Louisiana sinkhole officials admitted this week that they are so concerned about the methane gas build-up below the monster sinkhole lake, they were scheduled to focus mainly on this worry at an informational community meeting Tuesday evening.



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