Gundersen: Fukushima should be ‘Level 8′ on INES scale — Host: It may be one of biggest events to ever affect us in modern times

Nuclear Issues & Fukushima, Coast tto Coast AM, Jan. 6, 2014:

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George Noory, host: Probably one of the biggest stories that’s ever affected us personally in modern times — that’s the Fukushima disaster. How is it affecting us? Whats really going on?

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Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education: So we’ve got groundwater in direct contact with this hot radioactive fuel, then seeping out and going back into the earth’s crust and into all the other buildings on the site. So that makes Fukushima Daiichi an incredibly more difficult problem to clean up than even Chernobyl. […]

Noory: Would you say that this is as bad as Chernobyl?

Gundersen: Oh sure this is – Chernobyl was a single reactor meltdown and here we’ve got 3 reactor meltdowns. Scott Portzline [the previous guest] has said for a long time, and I agree with him, that really this should have been a level 8 — the scale stops at 7. We almost had 14 nuclear meltdowns, not 3.

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