Texas water contaminated with radiation — State aware

Radiation hits home, smack dab in the heart of Texas–this time in the drinking water

Mayor Annise Parker (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Houston Mayor Annise Parker (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

HARRIS COUNTY (INTELLIHUB) — According to a recent report by KHOU11, state officials in Texas have been aware that tap water in the area remains contaminated with radiation.

Top politicians including the governor are involved in a massive cover-up of the evidence from the general public.

A local resident, Brenda Haynes, even contracted thyroid cancer from drinking tap water from Harris County Municipal District 105. A district known to have lowered their result limits to hide the “real problem”, said the KHOU11 reporter.

The EPA itself was even aware of the issue as they advised the state to change their reporting methodology from the practice of “subtracting”.

The report also found that the state didn’t agree with the EPA’s standards.

KHOU11 took a closer look into the matter in the city of Houston and the results were shocking.



In fact, internal emails over a 6-year span from various city engineers, state that “uranium” levels are a concern in several water wells in the area.

KHOU11 reporters even got in an argument with city officials when asking about the matter, showing that the truth is testing their mettle.

Mayor Annise Parker stated, “We [the city] follow EPA guidelines”, claiming radiation in the water is no concern.

EPA advisor Bill Field says that drinking radiation can accumulate with other types of radiation, reported channel 11. Radiation just keeps building up in the human body causing concern to locals.

Strangely, like a robot, the Mayor of Houston continued to state over and over in a recent press conference , “We will continue to meet every legal standard that the Federal government gives us [the city]“.

Evidence shows that most of the radiation in the tap water comes from groundwater type systems.


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