‘Pacific Wasteland’? Japan Gov’t Scientist: Big problem for entire ocean if contaminated water is released from Fukushima with strontium-90 — TV: “All bets are off” without a way to finally plug leaking plant

Al Jazeera America, Jan. 8, 2014: After years of denial, TEPCO admitted in the fall that contaminated groundwater is flowing into the Pacific […] It’s this deluge of radioactive water that worries many Americans. […] all bets are off if TEPCO doesn’t come up with a long-term strategy to plug the leaking plant. […] Pacific wasteland […] TEPCO plans to […] install a new system to deal with the contaminated water. There’s still uncertainty, though, about whether some of this tainted water will end up in the Pacific. […] The question is whether the water will truly be decontaminated to a safe level. If TEPCO’s latest strategy fails, it’s possible that the more dangerous forms of radiation won’t get filtered out.

Michio Aoyama, a scientist at the Meteorological Institute of Japan:

Journalist David McNeill:

  • “The whole system is all completely ad hoc […] It’s been set up as an emergency for a situation that nobody ever predicted”
  • TEPCO will inevitably dump the water into the ocean
  • “Once they get the water decontaminated to a level where people will accept it can be dumped into the ocean, they will do it”
  • “They have to do it, because there’s no way that they cannot do it”

From Yesterday: NHK: Decontamination system stops working — TEPCO stopped operating all 3 systems –  It says it may take long time to restart” (VIDEO)


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