New earthquake fault-line maps shine light on Millennium Hollywood

State geologists released two new maps of earthquake faults in Los Angeles County on Wednesday, one of which could jeopardize a major Hollywood development project in the works.

This 2014 California Geological Survey map shows earthquake fault zones and seismic hazard zones for the Hollywood Quadrangle. (Courtesy photo)

The California Geological Survey maps of the Holly­wood and Sierra Madre faults are the first detailed looks at potential earthquake activity in the two areas, both of which are thought to have been dormant for some 7,000 years.

But they are a significant warning to local officials and developers of the potential need to mitigate or halt developments if there is an open surface fault or if construction is within 50 feet of a fault.

John Parrish, who heads the CGS, said the two preliminary maps are available for public review for the next 30 days. Final approval is expected in July.

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