Teen shot dead by police for not taking medication after stepfather called 911

What has America come to when three cops can’t control an unarmed 18-year old boy, deciding to shoot him?

Keith Vidal (Image: YouTube)

Keith Vidal (Image: YouTube)

BOILING SPRINGS LAKE, FL (INTELLIHUB) — “We want justice for my son’s death. This officer who shot my son needs to be behind bars, he needs to die just like my son died”, said Mary Wilsey at a recent press conference. Mary is the mother of Keith Vidal, the now dead 18-year old high school senior who suffered from schizophrenia.

According to reports, after Keith’s stepfather calmly called 911 on Sunday, verbally noting to the 911 phone operator that Keith was schizophrenic and hasn’t been “taking his medicine”. Police were soon dispatched to the residence.



A few moments later, two cops already on scene were said to have everything under control before a third officer arrived, changing the mood forever.

The stepfather’s story remains–that when a third “South Point” cop showed up scene he muttered, “I don’t have time for this”, proceeding to tase the 18-year old before then pulling out his firearm, fatality killing the boy for no reason.

The stepfather also stated that two officers were standing over his son as he was being shot.

Interestingly, 911 tapes show that the officer claimed he had to defend himself against the subject only seconds after frantically arriving on the scene.


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