Police become more militarized as wars wind down

FORT PIERCE, Fla. – Of the 60,000 cities in this country one of the top ranked for gun violence is on the Treasure Coast. New Orleans, Detroit, Baltimore and Miami are among the top. Coming in at number 56 is the relatively small city of Fort Pierce where there were 150 shootings this past year.
Now their police officers say they are using military type tactical equipment to fight crime. The new MRAP looks like a tank on wheels.
“Mine response ambush protection.” said Officer Keith Holmes , who applied to acquire the MRAP from the US Military for the Fort Pierce Police Department, “The military was pretty much handing them out to the different cities and I put in the application for it, and we got pushed through due to the violence in the city we have here.”

Used last in Afghanistan, “They brought this back from Afghanistan and now its in Fort Pierce.. for officer rescues, search warrants, things like that that an officer would need protection.” Holmes said.


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