L.A. Sheriff Resigns As His Deputies Face Charges of Abusing Inmates and Threatening FBI Agent

In an effort to expose police corruption, 18 Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies have been charged with various reports of inmate abuse, assaulting visitors, obstructing an FBI investigation and threatening an FBI agent.

While investigating claims of Sheriff’s Deputies using excessive force on inmates and smuggling contraband into jail in exchange for bribes, an FBI informant allegedly paid Deputy Gilbert Michel to smuggle a cell phone into the jail.

After terminating an interview with the informant and FBI agents, Lieutenant Gregory Thompson, who oversaw Operation Safe Jails Program and its Jail Investigations Unit, secretly transferred the FBI informant to a cell in the medical ward. The indictment stated Deputies Gerard Smith and Mickey Manzo carried out the orders and stood guard over the FBI informant while Lt.Thompson falsified entries into the database claiming he had been released. Instead, Lt. Thompson held the FBI informant under the false name “John Rodriguez” before transferring him to the San Dimas station.


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