TV: “Health officials are investigating radiation levels” along coast near San Francisco — UC Berkeley Professor: “Absolutely no correlation” with nuclear disaster; Compares eating banana to drinking water from Fukushima plant

CBS San Francisco, Jan. 6, 2014: Health officials are investigating radiation levels along the San Mateo County coast after a video surfaced online showing Geiger counter readings five times higher than normal at a Pacifica Beach*. […] in a blog posting [the man says] that he has been monitoring levels in the area for two years before noticing a sudden spike in radiation at the end of December. […] County health officials began investigating the incident on December 28th. They also found higher than typical readings while doing an independent survey […]

Edward Morse, professor of nuclear engineering at UC Berkeley, Jan. 6, 2014: Someone going around foir the first time with a geiger coutnere is likely to discover these great variations in levels form time to time. That’s absolutely no correlation with anything that happened in Fukushima.

Morse fails to address the findings of the San Mateo County environmental health director who detected radiation levels “about five times the normal amount” at a Bay Area beach on Dec. 28, 2013.

Dec. 4, 2013 interview with Morse: “Nobody is exposed to any dangerous levels of anything […] I haven’t seen a single record of anything that would be of concern.” […] Morse has a series of responses he rattles off to those who ask him about Fukushima-related health risks. For example, if an individual were to regularly drink water from the outer harbor around Fukushima for a full year […] the radiation exposure would be equivalent to that of flying in an airplane for just a few hours, he said. And while naysayers may respond that the comparison of an internal exposure to an external one is unfair, Morse has a follow-up: A single banana naturally contains higher rates of radioactivity than a roughly equivalent amount of that contaminated harbor water.

Watch the CBS broadcast here